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Anomaly Scan

Navigating Peace of Mind: Understanding the Vital Anomaly Scan for Expectant Parents

The anomaly scan, scheduled between 19 to 23 weeks of pregnancy, marks a significant milestone in prenatal care. Lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes, this thorough examination of fetal anatomy is designed to detect any structural abnormalities early on. The mid-pregnancy anomaly scan also checks special key areas like the brain, spine, and heart. During the anomaly scan, healthcare professionals meticulously assess various aspects of the baby's development, including organs, limbs, and the spine. This comprehensive evaluation provides invaluable insights into the baby's health and well-being, enabling timely interventions if any concerns are identified. Additionally, the scan serves as an essential tool for emotional preparation, offering expectant parents a sense of reassurance and empowerment as they navigate their pregnancy journey.

Importance of Anomaly Scan:

Detection of Structural Abnormalities in Brain, Heart and Spine.

Early Interventions Enabled to address any concerns early.

Provides expectant parents with valuable information and emotional comfort.

At The Baby Clinic, we understand the significance of the anomaly scan in ensuring the health and well-being of expectant parents and their babies. No need for a full bladder; you can eat before. Employing the "Rule of 3" in anomaly body B-scan suggests that if an abnormality appears in three different views during ultrasound imaging, it is likely a genuine anomaly rather than an artifact. Results guide planning for the pregnancy journey and postnatal care, ensuring optimal outcomes. With our personalized approach and supportive guidance, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and reassurance needed to navigate your pregnancy journey confidently. Trust The Baby Clinic to be your partner in safeguarding the health and happiness of your growing family.