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Pregnancy Ultrasound
Services We Offer

Experience the magic of seeing your baby on large viewing screens, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Your journey into parenthood begins with us, and we're dedicated to making each scan a wonderful and special moment for you.

Choose from ultrasound scan packages to commence your unique journey.

Viability Scan

Our Scan is for the early stages of your Pregnancy, between 6-10 weeks

 Early reassurance and confirmation of a viable pregnancy

Offers peace of mind during the critical early stages and allows for timely intervention if any concerns are identified.

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Dating Scan

Our Dating Scan includes measurements, Baby’s weight & more, between 10-14 weeks

Accurate determination of gestational age and due date.

Essential for proper prenatal care, enabling healthcare providers to monitor fetal growth and development effectively.

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Gender Scan

Our Scan gives you a 99.9% accurate early gender confirmation, from 16 weeks.

 Reveal the gender of the baby, if desired.

 Adds a personal touch to the pregnancy journey, fostering a sense of connection with the growing family,

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Bonding Scan

The bonding scan spans from 12 to 40 weeks.

It offers expectant parents a brief yet intimate glimpse of their baby's development.

In just 15 minutes, this 2D ultrasound provides a heartwarming view of the baby's features and movements, fostering emotional connection and anticipation for the journey of parenthood.

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Growth Scan

Scheduled post-28 weeks, the growth scan lasts around 20-30 minutes,

It offers detailed measurements of the baby's size and development.

Assessing parameters like abdominal circumference and head circumference ensures the baby's well-being and provides reassurance to parents during the later stages of pregnancy.

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Placenta Check Scan

The placenta check scan, conducted after 24 weeks, lasts about 20 minutes and assesses the placenta's position and function.

During the scan, we can take a look at the placenta location, and blood flow to offer you peace of mind that this is providing optimal conditions for your growing baby.

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Anomaly Scan

Scheduled between 19 to 23 weeks, the anomaly scan lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

It is routinely carried out as part of the screening programme provided by the NHS. They look closely at the main organs of your growing baby to check these are progressing as expected.

We can repeat these checks for you for reassurance or perhaps you just want to see how your baby is progressing throughout the pregnancy. Our scans allow sufficient time for you to take a look at all the amazing changes happening to your babies organs.

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4D Scan

This amazing scan allows you to start the bonding process with your baby.

 Capture a three-dimensional image for a detailed and lifelike view.

It creates a memorable and immersive experience, allowing parents to witness their baby's expressions and movements, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

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